Reverse Engineering & Inspection

Reverse Engineering & Inspection

The need for new or replacement tooling that never had or no longer has 3D CAD available can be disruptive to your manufacturing process, resulting in lost time, production delays, and a major expense.  Statt Tool utilizes reverse engineering to create the tools and parts you need quickly and efficiently. By scanning an existing tool or part with our sophisticated 3D laser scanners, our operators can recreate its design using our Reverse Engineering software to produce a cost-effective replacement that will perform to the same standards as the original.

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The key to reverse engineering success is precision tools and experience.

The experience of our operators, combined with our technological capabilities, mean you can count on it being done right and to the required tolerance every time. In fact, every part we machine for you is inspected with either our Creaform scanner or our FARO and Romer arm CMMs to verify accuracy and monitor CNC repeatability.

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